SAI (@aboywithabag) press photo 1.jpg

Hey team,

Thanks for checking out my page. I produce house music with deep basslines and groovy synths for the dancefloor and when I spin live,I include my original music, my remixes and other popular songs in my sets.

Genre- Tech House, Electro House, EDM

Latest Recorded Mix- Let’s Get Physical @QUARTERS

Instagram- @aboywithabag

My Original Productions- Stream Now

I’m looking for club/bar gigs and I’d love to playing a gig or two for free to give you an idea of my style and what I bring to the table in terms of a vibe and a new crowd to Promose7en’s next event. I think I’d be a great add to the Promose7en talent team.

Thank you,

SAI (@aboywithabag)